An academic tradition that has been well established in the western regions of the Sahara has brought to light its standing as 
a socio-cultural crossroads, ascribing a multifaceted social history and the ubiquitous permeability of the geographic spectrum 
associated with the Hassaniyya speaking populations
Choum's “gare routière”, on the northwestern 
border of Mauritania with the non-self-governing 
territory of the Western Sahara
A restaurant in downtown Fderîk, northwestern 
Mauritania, where hospitality is often offered 
to travelers coming from Tindouf in southern 
In the frontier region around
Fderîk/Zouerat different goods,
and people, continue to almost
unrestrictedly circulate between
north Africa and the Saharan


Sahrawi outpost in Guerguerat


Trucks approaching the Mauritanian border, the 
final stage of the Atlantic route that connects 
Tangiers to Nouakchott
Mauritanian border post in Guerguerat


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